Padded coat


4477 B
A sashiko stitched hanten (padded) coat of tsutsugaki-dyed (resist dyed) cotton, depicting Yoshitsune being taught under the supervision of the tengu king, another looking over his shoulder.
Length 138cm Width 142cm
Meiji period, circa 1880
Footnote for 4477 A and 4477 B
Until quite recently these resist dyed and stitched, heavily padded coats were believed to be worn by firemen. However it is now accepted that they were actually worn by wealthy merchants or officials when visiting the unfortunate victims of a fire to pay their formal condolences. They were all custom made and very expensive requiring great skill, typically made of three layers of cloth held together with  visible running stitches in parallel rows about 2.5cm by 1cm apart.
Stock ref. 4477B

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