Natsuo and Tessai


Kano Natsuo (1828-1898) and Kano Tessai (1845-1925)
A smoking set, comprising a leather tabako-ire (pouch), with maekanagu (clasp) of bronze, inlaid in shakudo in sumie-zogan with a prancing horse signed Natsuo, the ojime of copper and shibuichi inlaid with two lanterns and the character Koi, signed Natsuo.
The kiseruzustu of boxwood carved with a storage jar, covered jar and a tea bowl, with lacquer details of flaking pigment, signed and inscribed Kanoto-u shunjitsu Bokutei nioite tsukuru Yuigadokusonan Tessai dokuzo with seal Tetsu (made by Yuigadokusonan Tessai by himself on a Spring day in the year of Kanotou. 
Length 21.5cm
Dated 1891
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