Ikedo Minkoku


Ikedo Minkoku
An inlaid silver vase, worked in gold, silver, shakudo and shibuichi with a cockerel and hen beneath bamboo stems.
Signed Minkoku with seal. The base stamped jun gin (pure silver) and Kobayashi
With original fitted wood box bearing paper label inscribed D.K. tokei bijutsuhin (clocks and works of art), Kobayashi tokei-ten (Kobayashi clock shop), seisaku hanbai (maker and dealer), Tokyo Kyobashi Ginza Nishi 8-1.
Height 33.5cm
Circa 1910
It is likely that this vase was made by Ikedo Minkoku the third (1869-1939). D.K. is the initial for Denjiro Kobayashi.  He gave great encouragement to Hattori Kintaro who later founded Hattori Clock company in 1881.
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