Gonda Hirosuke Vases

Cloisonné Enamels

A pair of fine imperial presentation cloisonné enamel vases, each decorated with stems of roses worked in musen enamel, the leaves and stems worked in silver wire yusen enamel on a lightly graduated pale green ground with purple and pink roses, each neck with the imperial kikumon in gold wire, applied with silver mounts. 
Signed in silver wire with the seal of Gonda Hirosuke
With original wood stands, original wood box and silk bags
The box inscribed Shippo-yaki bara moyo kabin ittsui (pair of cloisonné enamel vases with roses design)
Paper label Shippo kabin ittsui, Tsuneo (a pair of cloisonné enamel vases, Tsuneo), 
Reverse of tomobako Showa go nen eikyo ni oite, Kaigun no kyokaigi zenken toshite tutomeshi ni yori Heika yori on kasha no shina (Showa rokunen haru haiju) (given as a gift from the Emperor (received in Spring, Showa 6), for being plenary power at the Navy meeting in London in Showa 5)
Height 44.5 cm
Meiji period, circa 1910

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